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How to register Freesmsplan (Bulksms)


1 create an account and you will get a link in your mail to verify your account or in spam folder, if you don't get please whatsapp us  

2  once you successful verify your email address login to your account and click on compose SMS when you scroll down if you are using phone  browser and fill out remain detail 

3 Once you done that  you can now send SMS or buy SMS in our bank account or online  


How to compose SMS  



Click on compose SMS  

Fill out  


Sender ID of your choice  means name that will appear in receipt  once he gets your SMS 


Phone number  put it if is multiple phone number separate it with comma  with country code  example  2348130729635,2349062547112  etc 


Paste or type your message in message inbox 



And click send don't refresh it until you get po up notifications that is successful delivered

You can contact us for more information 

 After Payment please call 28hrs +2349062547112

Whatsapp /sms only  +2348130729635